Life Alignment Testimonials

My experience of Life Alignment has been life changing.  I am truly astounded by the accuracy with which I am taken to the heart of the matter.  I have been guided through to places so deep and seemingly untouchable in absolute safety.  My understanding of my true self is constantly enhanced and I shall be forever grateful to Philippa for her skill and loving kindness in supporting my journey.

MW, Wiltshire

I’ve always been interested in energy and vibration, from reading atmospheres in a crowded room to discerning pitch changes in the human voice. It amazes me that these unseen forces are all around and within us and they affect absolutely everything. When I came across this vibrational healing method, I was fascinated (and perhaps a little sceptical). My experiences over the years with Life Alignment have been truly astonishing. In ways I don’t always understand (but have learned to trust implicitly) this work has healed many of my past traumas, encouraged self-acceptance and illuminated my purpose here on Earth. I cannot overstate the life-altering benefits of this work.

DJP, London

Over the past fifteen years I have been lucky enough to have had many life alignment sessions.  From time to time a crisis, whether big or small, will arise in my life and I know it’s time to book a balance.  I never know what’s going to come up but I simply submit myself to the process.  I have no idea how it works but that doesn’t matter. All I know is that I always gain tremendous insights into what is going on with me, often very surprising.  It’s not instant. Gradually over the weeks following my session all sorts of things begin to unfold and fall into place for me.  Life Alignment has become an invaluable tool to help take me forward on my life’s journey.

RM, London

After spending many years in psychotherapy, and having been a regular meditator, I realised that I was being carried along by unconscious stories, unresolved feelings and self-limiting beliefs, which didn’t synchronise with my life purpose. I suffered from anxiety and low self-belief, and although regular meditation and therapy practices helped me to understand myself and my goals more clearly, I knew that there were imbalances that I could not quite uncover. From my sessions, I witnessed a deeper sense of wholeness, understanding and purpose. For me, the processing and healing continued long after the end of the sessions.

Energised by this healing work, I also went to hear Jeff Levin speak in London, as I wanted to find out more about higher intelligence and how this may govern the energetic patterns in our cells and bodymind. I became fascinated by the energies that can become blocked through emotional issues and trauma. Over time, I began to have trust in my own higher purpose, and my life flowed more easily and challenges became less like burdens and more like messengers. I feel a warm glow when I visit Philippa and I am forever grateful for her presence and her reassurance, comfort and guidance along my path.

WS, Twickenham

Life Alignment does exactly what it says on the package – it elegantly aligns ones life by working with and releasing whatever is blocking a graceful flow of Life. With every peeling away of old emotional ‘skin’ I have felt a renewed sense of Life, an expanded sense of alignment between my mind, body and Spirit. The process accesses the wisdom of the body in determining what key points need to be worked on keeping everything honest and fresh. I am always amazed at what comes up in my sessions, initially making no sense to me at all and then  – delicately facilitated by Philippa – coming into startling focus and leaving me with a renewed clarity and a sense of well-being.

KT, Malta