Healing is a spiritual journey.

Along the way, we discover that the source of all physical and emotional pain is the mind’s resistance to how things are. We get attached to what we want, and don’t have; and to what we have and don’t want!
Your mind controls your body

  • Thoughts make stories
  • Feelings give them life
  • Body cells are their home

Symptoms need a peg on which to hang: a story or pattern that is old, repetitive, and based on our fears and self-limiting beliefs.
Life Alignment is a soul therapy that by-passes the conscious, everyday mind and taps into the higher wisdom mind, or higher Self. The principle is to identify the story we believe to be true, and through the eyes of our soul higher Self see a new, more accurate picture of reality. In other words, we come to ‘love the truth more than our stories’.
When we step into the ‘field’ and connect to a higher Consciousness, our resistance to allowing ‘what is’ softens; the heart opens, and the body-mind is strengthened to heal itself.