The purpose of Life Alignment is planetary healing through personal healing: bringing our outer and inner environments into harmony.
To be healthy, we need to protect ourselves from the range of environmental and geopathic toxins that bombard our Planet, our physical and mental bodies. These include both natural (Earth’s energy grid lines, subterranean streams, rock faults, ley lines) and manmade electromagnetic radiation (mobile phones, computers, microwaves, pollutants in our air, food and water).
It makes no sense to keep re-balancing the body if, for example, our bed is positioned over an underground stream, that saps the life-force while we sleep, or we spend hours at a computer under fluorescent lighting, resulting in sore eyes and brain fog.
Vortex technology consists of a series of Vortex Cards, tiny magnetic discs that are infused with extremely high-energy frequencies that work with the inner environment (bodymind) and outer environment (buildings, food, water, air, plants). Each Card has a particular function that reduces environmental stressors from earth energies, electronics, structural defects in buildings, and accelerates the healing process in the physical body.
Working along the principles of Feng Shui, placement of a single Vortex Card will, for example, balance the energy throughout a building, making it unnecessary to move the furniture!
With 4 years of chronic fatigue (M.E.), leaving her unable to work or look after her children, Emily found Life Alignment and discovered the root cause of her body’s collapse. Aware that geopathic stress is a prime contributor to this debilitating condition, her practitioner immediately dowsed Emily’s cottage and found converging streams 40 metres below her bed – precisely where Emily was instructed to rest. With a Vortex Rainbow Card placed above the front door of her home, Emily continued her treatments. Her energy levels continued to rise and hold and, within two months, Emily returned to work part-time.
Visit www.life-alignment.com for more detailed information on the wide range of Vortex cards, and how to use them for healing your body and the environment.